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… And God Rested on the (sev)-One-(th) Day

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IPL V IPL: Who Cares (Who) Wins

Hooray, its IPL time – let the Battle Royale begin Dead wickets, short boundaries, bowlers done in Chennai Super Kings – the Monarch of all he surveys Fighting tigers at home, lambs & bunnies overseas Delhi Daredevils should be renamed … Continue reading

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Indian Cricket: Rest In Peace

There were these tours from hell, Ranging from ridiculous to surreal, The Poms first stole their thunder, Aussies then spanked ’em Down Under, Well, who cares, there’s always the IPL.

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Anything to Declare?

When the Indian cricket team came back from their disastrous England tour, they needed to pass through the Red Channel in Indian Customs as each one of them was carrying some baggage with them. Here’s what was discovered in their … Continue reading

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Sachin R. Tendulkar – the R stands for Ratna

Much has been written and spoken about the public demand for awarding Sachin Tendulkar the Bharat Ratna and the government’s dithering over the consideration. The government has commented and various constitutional experts have opined that the criteria laid down for awarding … Continue reading


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Cricket World Cup: Well Worth the Weight (Wait)

When Atlas Did Not Shrug The victory of the Indian team in the Cricket World Cup has provided the confluence point for the Objective and the Collective. I am reminded of John Galt’s words in the famous radio broadcast in … Continue reading

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India’s World Cup Win: Making the Extras Count

With that heady feeling of victory still bubbling all over me, I dug deeper into each of India’s matches and analyzed their secret of success – and now want to give the just due (and probably some of BCCI’s reward … Continue reading

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World Cup: Cricket Rules and Power Plays

With the Cricket World Cup finally starting on the 19th of February, ICC lawyers are exhaling a sigh of relief. To get all cricket boards to take part in the World Cup 2011, the lawyers had to burn the midnight … Continue reading

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Dhoni: On The Rocks?

Slowly, the Indian cricket team is being taken over by brash new India. With the change in guard, the attitude is changing also. While most of it is positive (fighting spirit, professionalism, fitness mantra), we can see the old-world mores & … Continue reading

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