Knick(er)s in a twist

Jeremy Lin has reinvigorated the sinking Knicks with his dynamic play and endearing underdog story. Here are the five key match ups to watch out for:

Spike Lee Vs Floyd Mayweather
They will soon discover that the new minority is not Asian American – but Ivy League pro sport stars. Right now it is Lin, by next month Andrew ‘Suck-for-‘Luck
Edge: Learning from his experiences of reverse racism, Spike Lee has announced his new film project “Minority Report: the Miracle of St. NY

China Vs Taiwan
China and Taiwan have never been more united in their love of Jeremy Lin as well as more divided in taking credit for Jeremy’ Lin’s heritage. Will this lead to a unified China? Mr. President, please take that (basket)Ball down.
Edge: Taiwan is willing to renounce the One-China policy if China renounces its claim on Lin [China has already renounced the One-Chinese (child) policy]

MSG Vs Time Warner
Denizens of Chinatown had stuck a poster of Jeremy Lin on their television screens during the period Time Warner was not telecasting MSG Channel as that was all they could watch. Things don’t seem to have changed for them (even when Time Warner is showing MSG) with the wall-to-wall channel-to-channel 24X7 coverage of Jeremy Lin.
Edge: They were better off with the poster. At least, the poster did not lose to the lowly Hornets or Nets.

ESPN Vs Political Correctness
ESPN find a chink in its own armour and is forced to censure its mobile-cast and radio-cast. To start afresh, ESPN will be re-christened as “Extremely Sensitive & Politically Neutered”.
Edge: At least, ESPN did not use any of the puns on Lin, which seem to go on and on – to “Linfinity and beyond

Carmelo Anthony Vs Amare Stoudemire
Pardon me – who vs who!!!


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