New Year Resolution

Over the last 3 years, the “Yes, We Can” has turned into “Probably, We Should” or “Er…Maybe, We Might”. As with the Recess appointment of the CFPB Head, Obama needs to take some bold moves. How about these in the next 100 days:

  • Occupy Suez: Sink a battleship in the Suez (like Egypt in ‘56). Pre-empt Iran. Go Eyeball to Eyeball and make the other man to blink. Else poke him in the eye.
  • Run a coup in North Korea by backing the eldest son Kim Jong-Nam to the throne. Offer to build him a Disney theme park in Pyongyang – so that he doesn’t need to sneak into Japan for his joy rides. Throw in the Muppets and call it the “Hermit – Kermit Kingdom”.
  • Host a same-sex marriage in the Rose Garden (Rose’ Garden, from now on). Obama can be the Best First Man. Or is it First Best Man? Convert White House into the Pink House.
  • Offer citizenship to every illegal immigrant who owns a green car. That Car is your Anchor, baby. Kill two birds with one stone – Climate Change and Immigration Reform (though lose the SPCA vote for killing the birds). Lock in the votes in Florida and California AND Michigan.
  • Forget the golf foursome with Boehner. Go one-on-one in a basketball face-off. Or even no-holds-bar boxing smack-down. Mano-a-mano. Let’s see who the Last White Hope in the GOP is.

Show your moves, man. We Can’t Wait…


About rp71

A Cynic's Eye View: This is my tongue-in-cheek, one-eyebrow-raised, cynical view of the world of politics & the world of sports (and intriguing intersection of the two) by way of written posts and cartoons. All views expressed are my own (nobody else wants them). Follow me by subscribing here or on twitter @rp_71 Looking forward to the bouquets and brickbats in the comments section Cynics of the world, unite. We have nothing to lose, but our disdains…
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  1. Thanks for the informative read 🙂

  2. I simply want to tell you that I am newbie to blogging and definitely enjoyed this blog site. Probably I’m going to bookmark your site . You surely come with superb articles and reviews. Many thanks

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