Famous Last Words…

Here’s looking at you, kid

Here’s hoping for more of the same, much and many times more,
Here’s to more lampoons and buffoons, otherwise ain’t life a bore

Gotcha’ antics and foot-in-mouths from tea-darling Palin
Else who do we have going rogue for a Nailin’
Hankering to see the Phoenix – the born-again Newt
But waiting for a flameout – won’t that be a beaut
None better than the circus carnival side show of Trump
Him, His hair, His big mouth, Him again – boy, what a chump
Pray, pretty please, do not give us Jon, Mitt or Perry
Darn it, the GOP primary race will be so dry & dreary 

Obama done socialize the big blues – GMs & the Citis
Played Big Daddy to lil’ ones Fanny & Freddie
POTUS sowing to harvest yet another stimulus
What do you reckon, are you all shovel ready?
Better make a foursome with McConnell & Boehner
Else the next round at Congressional will be a goner
Is he working to Win The Future? Maybe Yes, We Can
he Can’t Wait to start the campaign to Occupy 1600 Penn

Hail to the new Kim, Kim Jong Un – the Chosen Un
NoKo lining up for the latest hairdo and weirdo fashion
We all will miss our good ol’ Osama & Gaddafi 
Looks like God quit making them any more crazy
Ever scoring high on theatrics, low on economics
“Where art thou?” Not Page 1, maybe in the Comics
Fingers crossed for more laughs and less blood
More of George Clooney, Less of Bashir of The Sud

Pols in India caught with hands in pot or their pants down
Grabbing for that black money and heaven’s manna
UPA tripping up when Madam goes on a long long trip
Hasn’t got an idea worth a cent about our messiah Anna 
Manu bhai is stuck in a swirling quagmire of corruption & disruption
A steamy blinding whirlwind of Adarsh, Radia, CWG, & 2G
Will Rahul baba ever take to the stage and play the lead
Take on the starring role of PM – is to be or not to be?

More of these trips, slips and side-splitting bloopers
Without them, where will be the stand-ups and bloggers
Here’s looking to getting much more of the same
But spice it up – ‘cos, variety is the name of the game
That’s the new year wish from “A Cynic’s Eye View”
Blogging hard to give you all a hearty laugh or two
Signing off wishing you a Happy New Year, from Me
My bloated ego & gross misconceptions of my artistry

About rp71

A Cynic's Eye View: This is my tongue-in-cheek, one-eyebrow-raised, cynical view of the world of politics & the world of sports (and intriguing intersection of the two) by way of written posts and cartoons. All views expressed are my own (nobody else wants them). Follow me by subscribing here or on twitter @rp_71 Looking forward to the bouquets and brickbats in the comments section Cynics of the world, unite. We have nothing to lose, but our disdains…
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