Hotel for Rogues


The killing of Osama bin Laden has brought the three-floored mansion in Abbottabad in the spotlight. Taking a cue from the international publicity, the business arm of Al Qaeda has decided to publically launch their hospitality & travel section called “Jihad Tourism”.

Here are excerpts from the brochure of one of their hotels:

Welcome to the Al-Talib Peshawar Hotel. Built by terrorism magnate Osama bin Laden in 1998 for his friends & cronies, the hotel serves as a legendary playground for some of the most cherished celebrities in the world of terrorism. We continue the tradition of serving as a home away from home for our guests. Renowned past guests have appreciated the hotel’s timeless elegance and personalised service since the 1990s:

  • Three Floors, 15 bedrooms (one bedroom for each of your wives)
  • No phones – avoid those pesky marketing calls selling you the latest Kalashnikov
  • No internet – no facebook, no twitter, no Charlie Sheen
  • TV with only one channel – Al Jazeera – with both transmitting and receiving capabilities. Plans on to install Fox soon (need to get the true picture of the Great Satan – USA)
  • Games & Recreation: enjoy a game of buzkashi (a game of polo, with a dead lamb replacing the ball) every evening.
  • Spa – with three treatments: Mud Wrap, Premium Mud Wrap and Supreme Mud Wrap (getting you closer to heaven)
  • No air conditioning – a cost effective “sauna” in the summers
  • Breakfast on the balcony – don’t you ‘love to wake up to the smell of napalm in the morning’ – relax to the soothing sound of war in the background
  • Dinner menu – Lamb chops, Lamb shanks, lamb kebabs (see dead lamb above)
  • Parking: ample space to keep your ‘ego’-friendly vehicle: a Hummer, an ATV – even the state-of-the-art captured tank
  • Swimming Pool – mandatory hijab and burka for all ladies. Come sink and swim with us
  • Doctor on Call – treatment offered ranging from bullet wounds to kidney dialysis.
  • Military Academy (4 miles): Catch up on those books you missed reading in your caves in Tora Bora
  • National Capital (45 miles): Drop in to meet your favourite spy handler, politician, fixer or bookie (whatever you call him – A rogue by any other name would smell as sweet).
  • Payment: We accept MasterCad, Dinar, This-Cover and American’t Express. No Visa required.

Our motto: “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”

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