Answers to the Quiz:2011 – The Year of Irony

As promised, here are the answers to the Quiz: ‘2011 – The Year of Irony’ posed on 1st January.

1) My Christian Name (first name) is Eldrick. I describe my race / ethnicity as Cablinasian (a mixture of Caucasian, Black, American-Indian, and Asian) – I am one- eighth Chinese, one eighth Filipino, one-quarter Thai, one-quarter African American, one-eighth Native American, and one-eighth Dutch. But I am a Buddhist. Who am I? Answer: Tiger Woods

2) In a BBC interview, he said that he had no ambitions left now that he had been knighted and there was a waxwork of him in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. He died on Valentine’s Day. Who is he? Answer: P G Wodehouse [The Master / Plum]

3) Which organization / company is common to “India’s First War of Independence (1857)”, the “First Opium War” and the “Boston Tea Party”? Answer: East India Company

4) Apart from Washington DC, which other nation’s capital is named after a US president? Answer: Monrovia (capital of Liberia)

5) The two protagonists of Kundan Shah’s dark comedy movie “Jaane Bhi Do Yaroon” [Just Let It Go, Friends] are named Vinod and Sudhir. Why? Answer: Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Sudhir Mishra were FTII Pune batchmates of Kundan Shah and production controller & assistant director respectively in the movie

6) Who was Bofors’ most famous owner, playing the key role in reshaping the former iron and steel producer into a modern cannon manufacturer? Answer: Alfred Nobel

7) George W Bush had 3 cats when in the White House. Cowboy and Ernie. Name the third? Answer: India

8 )  Who is the (only) investment banker to win a Nobel Peace Prize for structuring loans and payment schedules? Answer: Charles Gates Dawes, who restructured Germany’s war reparations after the payments under the Treaty of Versailles proved too punitive.

9) Who is the godfather of Kim “only-claim-to-fame-as-reality-star” Kardashian? Answer: O J Simpson

10) Elektronen-Stretcher-Anlage, a polarized electrons accelerator was commissioned in Oct 1987, within the same week as the Black Monday crash. Which particle accelerator was switched on just 5 days before Lehman filed for bankruptcy on September 15, 2008? Answer: CERN’s Large Hadron Collider

11) Who is the only woman whose portrait has appeared on the face of a U.S. currency note? [Pocahontas was on the back of a currency note!] Answer: Martha Washington

Bonus Question (#12): Dublin theatre manager James Daly (late 18th century) bet that he could invent and introduce a new meaningless word into the language almost overnight. He proceeded to pay Dublin urchins to chalk this word on every wall in town. By morning all Dubliners had seen the word, and because no one knew what it meant. The meaningless word entered the language of English. What word is this? Answer: Quiz

The winner with the maximum correct responses was Ninad Wagle (with 9/12). I have drawn up a special cartoon for him – which I hope tickles his funny (or rather pun-ny) bone.

I hope you liked guessing the answers as much as I enjoyed framing the quiz. As someone said – the questions are easy; it’s the answers which are always difficult.

Bouquets and Brickbats, in the comments please….


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4 Responses to Answers to the Quiz:2011 – The Year of Irony

  1. Ah, yes. Cablinasian. Looks like there’s many of us All-American folks out there, as I am a Tigress Woods, of sorts!

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  3. Robyn says:

    My partner and I stumbled over here by a different web address and thought I should check things out.

    I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to exploring your web page for a second time.

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